July 18 Announcements

July 18 Announcements

Our theme for the rest of the summer is “Fruit of the Spirit.” Each week we will be
talking about and exploring a different fruit of the Spirit that Paul lists in Galatians
5:22-23. In addition to Sunday mornings, we are also offering:
-A Wednesday late afternoon Bible Study for anyone who is interested.
We will start at 4:00pm and wrap up by 5:30, just in time for the cookout.
These weekly Bible studies will run July 7—August 11.
-A couple guest speakers will deliver the message during this series.
-There is also an app for this series. Feel free to check out and
download the “Fruit of the Spirit Diary” app to help track your spiritual
growth throughout the summer. There are also several other apps
dedicated to the fruit of the Spirit and they might be fun little games to
download as well.

Today, after Late Service we will be having a Hymn Fest in
honor & memory of Norma Langner. Norma was one of the
very first people to ever join Christ Lutheran and she died in
April. Because of COVID, we couldn’t have the full celebration
of her life that we wanted to have. Norma loved singing the old hymns. To
celebrate her life, we will be having a potluck meal & a hymn fest right after
worship on July 18th.
Immediately after worship, we will move to the fellowship hall to eat together.
Then we will go back into the sanctuary and spend some time singing people’s
favorite hymns by request.

CHILDREN’S WORSHIP JOBS ARE BACK! Now that things are slowly getting
back to normal after the pandemic, we are ready to re-institute our Children’s
Worship Jobs! Yay! We love having our children be active participants in the
life of our congregation. Here’s how they work:
– Each children’s job has a lanyard with a picture & label. They operate
on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the first child to select their
lanyard/job gets to do that job for the morning.
– There is a short list of instructions on the back of each lanyard. You
can always ask Pastor Chad for extra instructions if needed.
– Parents/grandparents are asked to help when appropriate (like when
lighting the candles). But otherwise, some of the other adults or
assigned worship helpers can help the child learn to do that job as
– Children are asked to only take one job to start with, but just before
worship begins, if there are extra jobs available, they can do more
than one.
– After worship, please place the lanyard back on the hook.
We are so glad to have the kids (& other volunteers)
helping with worship again!

There has been some interest in forming a new small group singles’ ministry, especially
for those over 40. We are currently trying to recruit single folks from other Lutheran
congregations as well. We haven’t solidified anything yet, but it would be a group
dedicated to social activities and providing community primarily for those who are
single. They would like try to meet at least monthly, if not every other week as it
develops. If you or someone you know might be interested in this kind of group, please
contact Pastor Chad (pastor@christ-lutheran.org).

The Shaw family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to
everyone who attended Beth’s memorial service. She loved
being a member of this congregation, and we know how
much you loved her in return. We are grateful to Pastor Chad
for his emotional service, and to the members who assisted
with the preparations and the lunch service.
Thank you for remembering Beth.
We pray you all move forward with hope.
~ Paul, Paula, Kenny, Mike, Randy & Cheryl

Our next date to serve St. Paul’s Breakfast is Saturday, July 24.
We will be preparing & serving breakfast burritos for this
meal. We need some volunteers to help with preparation at
church on Friday, July 23 about 5:30pm.
We’ll be cooking eggs, sausage & rolling the burritos. We also
need a larger crew of people willing to finish and serve the
meal on Saturday morning about 7:00am at
St. Paul’s Lutheran (925 N Waco). Please contact Donn
Bischoff or Rich Harder if you are willing to help at either time
(and of course, you can also just show up last minute…but it
really helps to have a headcount beforehand).
There will be a list of supplies we need donated,
so keep checking the bulletin for that. Thank you!