History of our Church (Page 3)

History of our Church (Page 3)


The congregation celebrated 40 years of ministry in 1991, while Pastor Jim Munson served as Interim Support Pastor.


A severe storm in 1990 destroyed a portion of the church’s roof, damaging the Parish Hall and pastor’s study, necessitating extensive repairs.


The creation in 1987 of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) from former Lutheran bodies led to the development of a new Constitution and Bylaws for the congregation.

April 1986

The Rev. Kurt Sortland served as pastor of Christ Lutheran Church from April 1986 until January 1991.


City water replaced the intolerable well water in 1985, when the city of Kechi brought lines across the west edge of the church property.

December 1977

Rev. Tom Allan was installed on December 11, 1977, and served until 1985. Pastor Tom introduced the new liturgies of the Lutheran Book of Worship, and led valuable Bible studies.  Through Pastor Tom Allan’s guidance and the assistance of organist Margaret Dietz and choir director Jan Clark, the congregation enjoyed the new liturgy and fine hymns of the new Lutheran Book of Worship, introduced in 1978. The LOGOS Bible Series was initiated, adding to the spiritual growth of members.