History of our Church (Page 2)

History of our Church (Page 2)

May 2000

This playset was dedicated in May 2000 in memory of Robbie Carlstedt for youth of all ages to enjoy. It was purchased through gifts by church members, friends, and the family of Robbie, a member who died in November 1999.

July 1997

The beautiful and functional new building, with air conditioning, paved parking, and twice as much space, was dedicated on July 13, 1997.

The congregation adopted a Mission Statement to give focus to ministry. Important programs include meeting human needs in the community, serving the Falcon Fellowship lunches for Heights High School students, a fine education program for children and youth, and worship with inspiring messages and music. The congregation is reaching out to welcome all people.

The mission of Christ Lutheran Church became to enhance faith and commitment in Jesus Christ by offering:

  • Meaningful and expressive worship,
  • growth in faith, discipleship, and stewardship through life-long learning.
  • Involvement in community and global mission and ministry, and
  • a strong, welcoming, caring, and growing congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which intentionally reaches out to touch as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Spring 1997-Winter 1996

The long-time Choir Director Jan Clark resigned in 1996, because of the distance from her home. She was much missed. In the spring of 1997 Jeffrey Slater began serving as Choir Director, now leading the Choir in wonderful musical offerings.

September 1996

A festive Homecoming was held in September, 1996, to honor the old building before taking it down, and to welcome former and current members and visitors upon the 45th anniversary of the congregation.

August 1995

With cottage meetings, consultation with the ELCA, and much discussion, the congregation decided to construct a new church building to replace the familiar old structure. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in August, 1995.

August 1991

Pastor Sally C. Fahrenthold began serving at Christ Lutheran Church on August 19, 1991. The Service of Installation was held on September 29, 1991, with Bishop Charles H. Maahs of the Central States Synod officiating at the festival service. She served Christ Lutheran Church until she retired on June 30, 2000.