Lent Worship

Lent Worship

Our Wednesday night theme this year is “Stacked Stones”. A cairn is a stack of stones that marks the trail through rough, rocky, barren terrain. What are the stacked stones that God gives us to point in the right direction? What are the cairns that lead us to Christ and guide us on the path of discipleship as we travel the rough, rocky road of life? Through worship & prayer, each Wednesday night during Lent we will explore these questions. The series began on Ash Wednesday, and will run throughGood Friday, April 19th.

April 3: Dinner @ 6:15pm, Worship @ 7:00pm

April 10: Dinner @ 6:15pm, Worship @ 7:00pm

April 18 – Maundy Thursday (Last Supper): Worship @ 7:00pm

April 19 – Good Friday (Crucifixion): Worship @ 7:00pm