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Our Congregation Council officers look to the future...
    President: Jim Garrelts
    Vice President: Terry Steinert
    Secretary: Freyja Carlstedt
    Treasurer: John White

2017 Council Installation
Installation at 9:00 AM
The Mission of Christ Lutheran Church is to enhance faith and commitment to Jesus Christ by offering...
    Meaningful and expressive worship;
      Pastor: Chad Langdon
      Worship Chair: Bonnie Johnson
      Organist: Margaret Dietz
      Altar Guild: Deborah Bischoff
      Choir Director: Darla Steinert
      Praise Band

    Lifelong learning and growth in faith;
      Parish Education Leader: Frank Brown
      Resources Chair: Dwight Boyce
      Youth Leader: Stephanie Albright
      Women in Christ and Ruth Circle: Beth Shaw
      Men's breakfast: Donn Bischoff

    Involvement in community and global mission and ministry;
      Human Needs Leader: Forrest Ehmke
      Outreach Leader: Donn Bischoff
      Property Care Leader: Alan Schmidt
      Falcon Fellowship: Rich Harder


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