Posts from November 2017

Posts from November 2017

#WORDOF Sunday Advent Theme

On Christmas Day, we celebrate that the Word of God became flesh and dwelled among us as Jesus of Nazareth. That is certainly the most spectacular way that God has spoken, but God’s Word takes on many different shapes and sizes throughout scripture. On Sunday mornings during Advent, we will continue with our series on the prophets and we will be hearing about some of the…

WHY? Wednesday Advent Theme

Why do we celebrate the Nativity? Darla Steinert recently let me borrow a great little book called “Why the Nativity” by David Jeremiah. In little daily devotions, he walks his readers through different parts of the Christmas story and why each part was important. The book is filled with 25 different reasons why we celebrate the Nativity, and obviously, some are better…

Nov 26th Take Home News

11-26-17 THN.pdf WEEKLY CALENDAR: Sunday 9:00a Worship 10:15a Sunday School 11:00a Worship Wednesday 6:15p Meal 7:00p Advent Service Thursday 7:00p Family Promise introductory meeting Next Sunday: 9:00a Worship 10:15a Sunday School 11:00a Worship Friday, December 1st – Sunday, December 3rd Afterglow: Middle School Retreat at Camp Tomah Shinga

Nov 5th Take Home News

11-5-17 THN.pdf Sunday All Saints Sunday – Larry Cross Preaching 9:00a Worship 10:15a Sunday School 11:00a Worship Tuesday 9:00a Quilt Day 3:45p Falcon Fellowship set-up Wednesday 10:30a Falcon Fellowship 6:00p Messy Church 7:00p Choir rehearsal Thursday 1:00p Women’s Bible Study 7:30p WSU Opera, L’Elisir d’Amore Friday Pastor Chad at Synod Council Veteran’s Day Saturday…